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Hello everyone! My name is Josie and I felt true happiness when I heard my baby sister, who is 14 years younger than me, say my name for the first time.  I love spending time with children, they bring me joy, but I don’t love it when they scream and pull my hair.  Another thing that brings my happiness is playing soccer, specifically my second to last game of the high school season where I played the entire game in the rain and even scored as a defender!  My love for the game of soccer has always been a part of me and is something that I have worked for and it continues to help me build confidence in my skills and myself.

In a world of stress, exams, and busy schedules I am constantly trying to find new things that make me happy.  I hope to not only share my happiness with others, even when times get tough, but to also tell stories about my life to help brighten the moods of others.  I would also love to hear from others about what makes them to help influence me about what to post.  Comment below so I can get to know your happiness!

Here’s a fabulous picture where my hair decided to have a mind of it’s own, fun times!