Running for Roller Coasters

Just as I stated in my last blog post, I am enjoying my new stress free and relaxing life, thanks to the end of most homework and almost the end of school.  Since school takes up most of my life I don’t get to do all the things I want to do for fun during the year, however now that this is all over, for now, my friends and I decided to go to Magic Mountain to celebrate both the end of schoolwork and my friend Curran’s birthday.

We got to Curran’s house early Friday morning, the day after our last AP test, and got on our way.  The drive seemed longer than usual but I was watching 90210 so I was happy and occupied 🙂 Camille, Curran’s younger sister, had never been to magic mountain so she was beyond excited.  I enjoyed being with her and witnessing her excitement because she brightened the mood since the rest of us had been to Magic Mountain many times.

We arrived at the park around 10:15am and got in line in front of the dates, waiting for the park to open.  Although those 15 minutes in the hot sun seemed like an hour we were finally let into the park.  And then we set foot in the park, which was and has always been our queue to start running… If you’ve ever been to Magic Mountain, or any amusement park for that matter, you know that the lines can get very long and are not fun to wait in, so our first rule is we sprint to the first line because barely any people are in the park yet if you get there right as it opens.  Therefore, if we know which ride we want to go on first and we sprint there we are almost guaranteed be one of the first ones in line.  And well, just the same as every other time, our planned succeeded and we were some of the first people on Full Throttle, the largest roller coaster loop in the world.

We were pretty fortunate with wait times the rest of the day and had a blast laughing and smiling on every ride we went on.  It was another great day of relaxation and allowed for us to get our minds off school, and of course celebrate one of my best friends birthday:)

What’s your favorite amusement park?


xoxo Josie


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