Beach and Finally Relaxation

One thing that has been keeping me from being happy and has been taking up all of my time and focus this last month is both of my AP classes since I’ve been studying for the AP tests.  And this past week was the most stressful because I took both AP tests, one for AP Biology and one for AP World History.  I was so nervous, I barely even knew what to do with myself, on the morning of my very first AP test on Monday and my second AP test on Thursday.  And then, just like that, they were done.  All of my stress not only for the past month but from the very beginning of the year through the entire course was over, I had fully completed AP World History and AP Biology.  The second the proctor said stop after our final section of my last test a huge smile spread across my face and a huge weight had been lifted from me.  There was no more studying, no more homework, and no more stress. I was finally free.

My friends and I knew that we were going to be nothing but happy after this was all over so we planned ahead and planned to all head to the beach the second, like we literally ran out of there, that test was over.  We all hopped in our cars and got food.  We met at the beach with lots of snacks and games, finally being able to relax.  We played volleyball and spike ball, while some of us laid on the beach just relaxing and ate some food and others swam around in the water.

It was a beautiful day.  The whole week had been somewhat gloomy and on the colder side, however miraculously today the sun had come out and it was perfect beach weather which made us all even more happy.

We were at the beach for about 4 hours until we headed over to our friends house who lives near the beach.  We ate food over there and just hung out having a great time and finally being able to enjoy each others company without having to be in a classroom or studying.

I am never really able to relax by taking breaks between study sessions throughout the year because I always get down on myself and tell my myself I should be studying instead of taking a break.  However, the second I finished those AP tests I was truly able to relax and the stress I was previously experiences had completely left me.  I was finally able to fully destress and in that moment, nothing could’ve made me happier.

How do you destress?

xoxo Josie


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