Adventures in Rome

Rome, Italy.  I’ve held off on writing this blog post because I don’t believe I could ever give Rome justice in one post.  Rome was the first place I’d ever been to out of the country, and let’s just say it exceeded past my expectations…


This picture was taken on one of my first days in Rome and I was dying to get out and hit the city.  I was with one of my best friends Miranda, I flew to Rome to visit her, and we were so excited to be together and explore.  Of course, I immediately wanted to take pictures to document my time in this beautiful foreign place.

The streets in Rome are extremely narrow and all cobblestone.  I loved to just walk down the streets and look up at the tall, colored buildings surrounding me.  One of the most amazing things about Rome is that even though every alley and street may look the same, each one is filled with a completely new and different variety of shops and cafes.  You never know what you’ll come across on the next bend in Rome.

Along with the city and the modern shops and culture, Rome also has an incredible history and an enormous amount of structures and old buildings open to the public to explore.  The picture above is of the Colosseum and it is the largest amphitheater ever built.

Rome also has gorgeous gardens and parks that were nothing like any I’d ever been to before.  They were not only ginormous and extremely spacious but their were so many trees and flowers that covered the entire area, they remind me of a beautiful painting of a fantastical scenery.  I always find parks and gardens very peaceful and they tend to make me feel content, well I can honestly say the parks in Rome affected me in this way more than ever.

This is a picture of another building in the center of Rome, the Vatican.  This is actually a Roman city-state, called the Vatican City, this is where the pope lives as well.  It’s huge and beautiful, filled with paintings, sculptures, and shows all aspects of Roman culture.

There’s something about Rome, and Italy in general, that makes me feel at home, safe, and content with myself and my surroundings.  I don’t know if part of it comes from the fact that I am partly Italian, but whatever it is I am at my best and definitely the most happy when I’m there.  I hope to travel there again soon with the rest of my family and experience even more adventures in Rome.

Have any of you been to Italy? What did you think of it?

xoxo Josie


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