Fairs and Rusty Roller Coasters

Over the weekend was the annual county fair at Earl Warren Showgrounds.  This is one of my favorite festivities of the year.  I love going with my friends and going on all the rides which make for a fun, exciting night full of happiness.

Devan, Charley, and I picked up our other friends Preston and Jayden around 8pm and then headed over to the fair.  When we got there I could hear the music and smell fresh popcorn and couldn’t wait to go on all the rides.

We immediately got wristbands so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting tickets every time before a ride, and then we were set and ready to start the night.  Side note, in my opinion, the wristbands are way too expensive for the limited time people actually spend at the fair, but we went for it anyways. We went on about 7 rides total but I’ve always had a favorite, the swings.

I always go on the swings as many times as I can each year.  I’ve always wanted to be able to fly, I mean who doesn’t, so this simple ride is just right for me.  I got on it for the first time that night with my whole group of friends and we were laughing and enjoying our time together as I took the cool pictures.  Another reason I love this ride is because it’s a lot longer and has shorter lines than most rides, so you not only get to feel like your flying for a longer period of time but you don’t have to wait very long either.

Later on that night I saw my younger sister, Katie, and her group of friends while we were waiting in line for the mini roller coaster.  She wanted to stick with us for awhile so we hopped onto the ride and were thrashed around by the old and rusty roller coaster, scared that the whole thing would break down and we would fall out. Luckily that didn’t happen…instead we had a great time together and experienced a very thrilling ride.

The fair has always been one of my favorite festivities because I always have a great time with my friends and this time especially, we all shared happy moments together.  I can honestly say it was a night of happiness.


Do you have a county fair in your town? Tell me about it!

xoxo Josie



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