Festivities and Planet Earth

I’m sure you all know that earth day was this last Saturday and in my town we celebrate by having an earth day festival at a nearby park.  I have always loved any type of festivities whether it be a holiday, a county fair, or a festival celebrating something specific.  They always seem to lift my spirits and make me feel happy.

I had a lot going on this weekend with finals and AP exams coming up, I even had a test on Sunday morning, but I knew I needed to put earth day high on my priority list because I knew it would help me stay relaxed during such a stressful weekend.  And I was’t about to miss one of my favorite festivities of the year 😉

Saturday morning around 12:30pm my friend picked me up and we headed downtown to the festival.  My friend, Curran, was performing at 1:40pm so I had about an hour to walk around before heading back to the stage.  I walked around and got kombucha, which was absolutely delicious as I stopped by different booths.  Every booth supports a different cause relating to the environment and making the earth a better and cleaner place.

I continued to walk around and look at all the different things being sold information being shared, while listening to the live music in the background.  Then I headed back over to the stage where I saw Curran perform for about 20 minutes and then saw my sister’s dance performance at the same place.  They both did an amazing job.  The day was beautiful and it truly felt like summer.  It was extremely hot out, but this didn’t both me too much because I loved the fact that it was started to feel like summer.


Whenever I’m at festivities in my town I always feel a huge sense of inclusion in my community.  It makes me so grateful and happy to know that I have a community that not only offers great connections, but also loves and cares for our earth.  I had a great time at the earth day festival this year and it definitely brought me the most happiness this past week, thank you earth!

What do you appreciate about our earth?

xoxo Josie



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