Long Drives and Pretty Views

This past weekend I went to an Easter party on Saturday with my friend Curran and his family.  I knew the house we were going to was near Refugio State Beach, however I not aware of the breathtaking view I was about to witness.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning.  As we were driving, it didn’t take long for me to start admiring the beauty around me, especially when we entered more rural areas.  Curran turned on some music that perfectly fit the mood of the morning.  The music and the scenery around me made me feel calm, content, and happy to be able to see such a scenery.  We then drove by hills and hills of mustard, a type of yellow flowers.  The mountain looked as if someone had taken a paint brush covered in yellow paint and painted a masterpiece across the hills.  Everything seemed so peaceful after that.

Then we arrived at the gate to the house, it was a gorgeous property with lots of green hills, animals, and olive trees.  As we drove up the steep, long driveway, way up in the mountains, I looked to the right and saw the ocean.  The ocean was a calm and beautiful blue and even from a distance, it appeared so clear.  We then got out of the car and walked inside.  I could smell the amazing food being prepared while I walked through the house and into the backyard.  And that was when I saw one of the most beautiful views of the ocean that I’d ever seen.  I’ve been to a lot of houses and places with an ocean view, but there was something about this view, specifically, that stood out to me.  The combination of the gorgeous green hills, some covered in beautiful flowers, and the ocean in the distance caused me to be in awe.


Throughout the whole day there, Curran and I sat on a hammock at the edge of the background, ate our food, and looked out over the mountains.  I was completely relaxed.  It’s not often I can say that I am relaxed to the point where I forget about all the stressful things in my life and enjoy where I am, but this was one of those moments.  It was a beautiful, peaceful day filled with good food, pretty views, and, of course, happiness.



Where is your favorite view? Comment about it below!

xoxo Josie


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