Waterfalls and Wrong Turns

A little while ago I went on a hike with my friends on the Seven Falls trail to a waterfall.  I thought I would write about this adventure because it made me realize how happy hiking and being in nature makes me.  

My friends Devan, Katarina, and I had never been on this hike before but we heard from other people that it was pretty easy and was not a long hike.  Well…let’s just say we took a few wrong turns.

It all started when we parked the car and started walking the opposite direction of the trailhead…oops.  But we soon found our way and started up the trail.  We were already pretty high up in the mountains just from the drive up so we could see over Santa Barbara all the way to the ocean.  Everything was so green in front of us, it was a gorgeous view.  We took a few pictures of the scenery and continued up the trail.

We soon made our second mistake.  There was a fork in the trail and for some reason we just assumed we should take the right path.  We started walking up it feeling confident in our decision until someone asked us, “Are you guys headed to the waterfalls?”.  We said yes and they smiled and told us it was the other way.  The three of us looked at each other as we laughed at our mistake.  We were extremely grateful they had asked us and helped us out.  And even though that wrong turn could’ve ruined our whole hike we were stilling smiling and enjoying our time together in the beautiful scenery around us.

So we started up the path on the left and soon came across the first waterfall! This one was small but it was still beautiful, my friend Katarina was the most astonished by it, seeing as she lives in Ohio and doesn’t get to go hiking and see waterfalls very often.  We wanted to get to the largest waterfall and swimming hole so we could go swimming, so we kept on hiking.  We got lost at this point as well… You have to climb over rocks for a little bit to get to the trail that continues up the mountain to the waterfall, however we did not know this.  But we learned from the last time that we should probably just ask someone and we were then pointed in the right direction, YAY!

We continued to take a few small wrong turns, but we eventually made it.  We were turning a bend, climbing over rocks, and then I screamed, “I can see the waterfall!”.  We were so relieved.  The waterfall was beautiful.  The water was still rushing from previous rains and the sound of it hitting the pool of water was calming.  The trees surrounding us had a smell that comforted me and made me feel at home.  I was so happy to be where I was, surrounded by green, rushing water, and my joyful, lovely friends.

Where do you guys like to go hiking?

xoxo Josie


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