Horses and Sand Dunes

So I’ve been on spring break this past week and this is definitely a time when I am very very happy. No school, close to no homework, sleeping in, eating lots of food, and just enjoying myself without the constant stress that comes with being busy from school and sports.  This past Tuesday I went on quite the adventure…

My friend, Katarina, was visiting from out of town for about a week and this was her last day so my mom wanted to take us somewhere special as a surprise.  However, the “surprise” aspect of it was kind of lost because we had all figured out where we were going.  

We were going to Pismo Beach Oceano Dunes to ride horses on the beach!  This is something I’d wanted to do for a long time that my mom had promised we would do someday so I was so excited it was actually happening.  However, when we we got there we were greeted with another surprise, one that I wish we never got…

The person in charge at the ranch broke it to us that she couldn’t take us on the ride! 😦 She said she was short in staff and that she was really sorry but there was nothing she could do about it.  Although I was extremely disappointed I looked around at where I was and knew we could still have fun here and that I would get to ride horses on the beach another time.

So we spent some time with the horses on the ranch, feeding them and taking some photos.  Then we set off for the hills and hills of dunes.  As I stepped onto the sand where the dunes started, the sand was so soft beneath my feet and in front of me all I could see was what looked like miles and miles of nothing but hills of sand.  I immediately ran down a hill of sand and twirled in the wind, the sand in my eyes was worth it.  After climbing a few hills, we could finally see the beautiful blue ocean which was stormy looking from the large gusts of wind.  And after seeing nothing but the color yellow from the sand for awhile it was beautiful to see the blue ocean come into the picture.  It was quite the site.

Although I didn’t get to ride horses on the beach, the day turned out pretty great with a friend by my side and beautiful dunes to explore.  It was a day filled with laughter, adventure, and of course, happiness.

Have any of you explored sand dunes on the coast? I’d love to hear about it!

xoxo Josie


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