Snow Adventures and Jacuzzis

Last week I went on a school retreat to the Montecito Sequoia Lodge in Kings Canyon National Park and had a great time.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful and allowed me to enjoy and be happy with the people and nature around me. 


The first happy moment I experienced on this trip was the moment I heard who I was going to be rooming with.  All I wanted was to be in a room with a group of people that I would have fun and enjoy my time with, and I got just that.  I was in a room with three of my friends and we got a nice and spacious room that overlooked the snow outside!

Later that day we got to go on a short hike and explore where we were.  We walked along a path with huge green pine trees on either sides of us.  The snow was pure white and it was gorgeous to see how the snow sat on the branches of the trees.  My classmates and I all walked together as we talked and laughed while enjoying the beautiful scenery around us.

After dinner we got to go in the Jacuzzi and if you’ve ever been in the snow you know how cold it can be and especially during the night, so the Jacuzzi felt like heaven.  We all squeezed into the tiny pool, going a little, or a lot, over the 12 person capacity.  The hot water felt so good combined with the cool air around us.  We were surrounded by snow, pine trees, our friends, and the relaxing atmosphere of the mountains.  The moment couldn’t have been any better.

The next day was a blast.  We got a huge amount of free time to explore the forest around us.  People sledded, snow boarded, cross-country skied, and others simply played in the snow.  Oh and some took part in a massive snowball fight! To put it simply this day was a day of adventure…

After my friend Miranda and I had sledded for awhile we decided to head over to the snowboarders to watch them go over the jump they had made.  We were headed down the trail until we realized that we could take a shortcut, so I said “Let’s go on an adventure!” Well it turned out that shortcut turned into a much longer haul than the trail would’ve ever been.  We were trudging through at least 4 feet of snow and pulling our sleds behind us as we walked through bushes and trees up the mountain.  Although this might’ve taken us awhile, we did it with smiles on our faces and pure joy in the adventure, simply happy to be where we were and enjoying the nature around us.

Have any of you been on an adventure in the snow?

xoxo Josie



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