Sunsets and Sillohuetes 

Sunsets are constant. No matter how your day is going or how your feeling the sun will always set. Some more colorful than others, but still the sun will set. Watching the sunset has never failed to brighten my mood and bring me happiness.

These photos were taken in Culver, Indiana on Lake Maxinkuckee. This sunset still proves to be one of the most colorful and gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen. I was lucky enough to be on the water as the sunset and got to witness the colors of the ocean changing as the sun set. It was so peaceful and calm that night and as I sat on a floatie in the water I felt like I was watching a painting being painted across the sky.

This photo was taken at Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara, California. This was right before the sunset, so my friend Devan and I decided to take some pictures. Not only is the sun beautiful when it is setting, but also right before, where it is directly above the horizon. This is always a perfect opportunity to take a sillohuette pixture, which I believe to be very powerful.

This picture was taken on a boat in the Santa Barbara Channel of my friend Adria. Although the sunset that day was not as colorful as others, the single color of the sun across the water was absolutely beautiful. A group of my friends and I all decided to go to the front of the boat to see what kind of pictures we could capture with this sunset. The pixture above was one of my favorites because of how the sun shined through my friend’s hair.

This was taken at Miramar beach in Santa Barbara, California. There is a lot more to this photo than just the sunset. However without the sunset, I would have never been able to capture this photo that allows for another powerful sillohuete.

I will continue to admire and watch sunsets throughout my life, not only because of the photo opportunities they offer, but also because of the happiness and pure joy they bring me.

Where were you when you witnessed the most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen?

xoxo Josie


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