Big Buildings, Even Bigger City

This weekend I went to San Francisco for a soccer tournament and got to venture into the city on Saturday.  I have always loved big cities, there is something about the busyness and noise of a city that always grasps my attention and makes me feel happy.

As I drove into the city after my first game, I played some of my favorite music and stuck my head out the window to observe everything.  I’ve been to San Francisco many times but I hadn’t been there in a while but the buildings were as big and mesmerizing as I remembered.  When we got there I met up with my friend Aly and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory that was on the top floor of a huge Macy’s store in the center of Union Square.  While we were waiting for our food we decided to explore the building.  We soon came across a huge wall of glass windows that overlooked the square.  It was a perfect opportunity for pictures, especially the classic silhouette picture.  I’ve always loved to take silhouette pictures because you are able to capture the beautiful scenery while still allowing for the person in the photo to be the center focus.

After playing around the windows for a while we went back up to the restaurant to eat our food.  This was definitely a moment of pure joy because the food we had was absolutely delicious and were stuffed afterwards.  Then we went outside to the top floor balcony to overlook the square once again but from a different view.  Although looking down from so high up was slightly terrifying it was also incredible to be able to see so much of San Francisco from one place.  Aly and I sat there for a long time and people watched.  You could see everything from up there. I saw people rushing to work, walking their dogs, and simply enjoying the day, as was I.

The busyness and noise of the city has always brought me joy.  Ever since I was little I’ve always said that I love the commotion of the city, before I even knew what the word meant, however I interpret its meaning with a happy connotation rather than the real meaning of disturbance.  As I’ve grown up I’ve come to realize why it makes me happy.  In my life I love to stay busy and be around others constantly and whenever I’m in a city I get to experience both of those things which always puts me in the best mood.  The happiness I experienced in the city this weekend is something I’ll never forget.

Do you all like being in big cities? Which city is your favorite?

xoxo Josie


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