Sharing Her Joy

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Meet Emmy.  My baby sister who is 14 years younger than me, yup that’s right a whole 14 years.  From the moment she was born I knew she was going to make a huge difference in my life.

Emmy is not only one of the cutest kids around, she is also so much fun to be with.  From painting to swimming to singing some tunes my baby sister knows how to have a great time.  I remember one time when I was in my room doing homework I heard a knocking on my door and following was the sound of a voice I could never forget saying, “Josie! Josie! I need youuuu!”  I don’t think anything would have stopped me from letting her into my room immediately, the cuteness overload of her voice was just too much.  So I opened the door to have my baby sister smiling up at me with her perfect little face of pure joy.  As she walked into my room she stated she wanted to have a dance party so we turned on some music and twirled and spun about for awhile, laughing and smiling with each other.  And I’ll have you know that my baby sister Emmy literally hits every single note of every single song perfectly, she is not even 3 years old and knows how to sing, really well in fact!  These moments are ones of true happiness.


Emmy never fails to make me smile or change my mood from an angry one to a joyful one.  She knows how to light up the room and she knows how to get laughter out of anyone, even if their not having the best day and aren’t even looking to be cheered up.  Every single day I look forward to coming home to a tight squeeze and kiss from her.  Although she is only 2 and a half years old she probably has had more of an affect on me than any other person I’ve ever known.  She not only changes my mood but has also taught me how to enjoy every little thing in life, as she does.  Emmy is a bundle of love that never hesitates to share her joy with anyone who needs it.


Emmy is not only my sister, but my best friend.  A best friend who makes the smile appear on my face and guarantees me a lifetime of happiness.


Do any of you have a person in your life, maybe a sibling, that can always brighten your mood and day no matter what?  Please tell me about them in the comments below!

xoxo Josie


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