Never Without Her Smile


On superbowl sunday, a few hours before the big game, which was crazy right?!,  I got a text from Kenzie asking if I wanted to go on a beach walk.  It was like she read my mind because I had slept in late and all I wanted to do was get dressed and go somewhere with one of my friends, and the beach was just what I needed to start my day.


We got to butterfly beach around 2 in the afternoon and although it was cloudy and pretty cold, there was something about the color of the clouds in comparison to the ocean water that was truly beautiful.  Kenzie and I walked along the beach and talked about anything and everything, we always have the best conversations, it’s something I cherish and love about our friendship.  We then stopped and started to take some pictures on this gloomy, but gorgeous day.  We started laughing and having a great time right away, as we always do together…


Kenzie is someone in my life who constantly makes me happy no matter what time of day it is.  She has this amazing ability to brighten anyones day, even if she’s not having the best day herself.  I can tell you one thing for sure, if something is not going right in Kenzie’s day, you will never know unless she flat out tells you.  She never lets sorrow or defeat show on her face or in the way she acts, instead she constantly thinks positively and focuses on the new day in front of her.  I admire this quality in Kenzie because it is something I cannot grasp so easily.  It gives me great joy in having a friend who can always be so lively and joyful, even when she has obstacles in her way.  This also shows her extremely strong emotional self.  I am often shocked how strong she can be emotionally with anything that comes her way.


Her humorous side is what makes me the most happy, almost instantly whenever she cracks a joke.  Kenzie jokes about absolutely everything, never missing ANY opportunity to slip a joke into the conversation.  Even if the joke isn’t the most hilarious or thought out joke, it always makes me and the people around her fall of the floor laughing.  Humor is an important quality in a person and Kenzie masters it.  Allowing it to not only make her a happier person in general, but also lift the mood of an entire room. I couldn’t be happier to have a best friend like Kenzie.

Do you have a friend who makes you happy? Comment below and tell me about them!

xoxo Josie


7 thoughts on “Never Without Her Smile

  1. This is so cute! I love the start of your blog it really grabs the readers attention even though it didn’t really have to do with the rest of the blog. For a friend who makes me happy, my answer is you!!!!


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